A Mom and her Boys

Yes… I have three boys. No… I didn’t wish/pray/hope for a girl. Yes… I enjoy being a mom of boys. Yes… my bathroom needs to be cleaned almost hourly.

Thanks for asking.

These are questions I have come to expect when people find out I have only boys. Once at a party, a friend’s father actually told me “a boy is yours until he takes a wife, a girl is yours for life”. What?! Why would you say that to someone who is a mom to only boys?

I have three amazing sons. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

They are insightful, inquisitive and adventurous. They are funny, loving and passionate. My sons are the ones who find tiny little flowers to pick for me when we go to the park and if they can’t find any … they draw a flower in the sand for me. My sons are the ones who tell me I look like a beautiful princess because I put on an old maxi sundress. My sons are the ones who find adventure in every little walk in the park (or trip to the supermarket). Any “shiny” stone they find while digging in the dirt becomes a precious stone they bring home to me. 

And yes … I also get snuggles, cuddles and kisses (sometimes) along with the muddy shoes, ripped jeans and pockets full of rocks, sticks and leaves. I wouldn’t have it any other way!




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