Dads are Parents too!

My son started 1st grade this year and at the end of August my husband and I were anxiously awaiting the text message with the class placement for him. Finally, my phone pinged with the info. MY phone only. Not his. Apparently, they sent the information to the moms only.

The first day of school was amazing. They had a big ceremony to welcome all the first graders to “big kid school” and it was very beautiful and emotional. Before all the parents went home, the teachers asked all the moms to stay in the classroom for a few minutes. She wanted to give us the paperwork needed to fill out with all the medical information, permission slips for trips, etc. Why just the moms? Do the dads not know this info about their children?

That night, a class Whatsapp was created by one of the moms for all the other moms so that we can help each other out with questions and keep each other informed. While I think that it’s a great idea – why just the moms?? Why can’t we include BOTH parents in the group?

My husband (like so many other dads) relies on me to get all the information about our kids. I used to think it was laziness on his part but now I realize that it’s not that most dads don’t want or care to be involved, it’s that they don’t get included. There are so many “Mommy & Me” classes but there aren’t any “Daddy & Me” classes or “Me & My Parents”. It drives me crazy!

My husband loves our three children *to the moon and back* and of course he cares about the ins and outs of their day! He takes them to school almost every morning and packs their school lunches every night. He kisses boo-boos and changes diapers. He tucks them in to bed and reads stories with them …. Why wouldn’t he?

Dads are parents too!


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