Get out of my Uterus!

Now that my baby is older (10 months) I tend to go out with all three of my kids pretty often. I take them out to eat, to play in the park, to the mall … and everywhere I go there is at least one person who feels the need to say something about the fact that I have only boys.

I constantly hear stuff like…“Don’t you wish you had a girl?” or  “Oh, three boys, time to start trying for a girl!” Recently, one person even asked me if I wanted her to send me a link of tips on how to conceive a girl – seriously?!

First of all, I am very happy being a mom of boys (read my earlier blog about that here). I love my little guys more than anything in the world and I wouldn’t trade them in for all the bows and ribbons in the world. Second of all, who do you think you are you to tell me what it’s time for? What if three kids is all I want? What if I like to have big spaces between my kids? What if I’m actually trying and having a hard time and feeling terrible about myself?

I realized that no matter what your family looks like – all boys, all girls, only child, 5+ kids, same sex parents, single parents, etc – someone will have something to say to you about it. Why does it seem that when it comes to talking to people about their families, everything is open for discussion!? You have no idea what someone is going through and just because you have an opinion about someone’s PERSONAL LIFE doesn’t mean you have to share it.

I totally believe that “it takes a village to raise a child” but that does not mean that strangers (or even friends and family) should be telling me how many children I should have and what gender they should be.

I try to be polite, smile and say stuff like “Oh, I love my boys and I’m very happy” but really what I want to do is scream “Get out of my uterus”! Maybe next time I should …

What do you do when strangers feel the need to comment on your personal life?

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