Family Night

Our day to day lives are so busy. My husband is self-employed and works (what seems like) every waking hour. Sometimes he works from home but often he is out of the house for the majority of the day, getting home very late. I work from home and between work, 2 kids + a baby and the house, I am always busy.  My children have busy schedules of their own with homework, after-school activities, and play-dates. 

It is very rare that we get to sit together for dinner. In our home, dinner is cooked and ready in the kitchen and gets served to whoever is ready to eat between 5:30 pm and bedtime. Usually the two older boys eat together. We don’t spend time together as often as I’d like but as much as I try to change the situation, I realized it just doesn’t work. 

But then, the weekend comes and every Friday night, without fail, we sit together for dinner as a family. No iPads, no TV, just us. We eat and talk about our week. The good, the bad, and the mundane. The kids tell us about things that happened in school, at their after school clubs, with their friends and its so much fun listening to them talk about their experiences. 

My 5 and 9 year old set the table together while I make the salad and after dinner my husband washes the dishes while the boys and I clear the table. After we finish eating, we have dessert while playing a board or card game.

I know it sounds cheesy, like a movie or TV show, but it’s important and it works for us. It’s our “family time”. It’s a bit of a routine, but its definitely never boring. There are always new stories that we share with each other. No matter how much my boys argue sometimes , they love teaming up and playing against us parents.

It’s just one day a week but since there are no distractions, my children talk to us. If something is bothering them, they let it out. They learned that we are there to listen to them and help them with anything. My children look forward to it just as much as my husband and I do. 

Friday night has become our family night where we bond and build memories.